Homeownership is one of life’s big milestones.

OJO meets you where you are to provide a personalized solution for every step of your real estate journey.

Human empathy scaled by AI

OJO fuses machine intelligence and human expertise to provide you with personalized guidance as individual as you are.

Through a deep understanding of your needs and preferences, OJO delivers tailored support and insights. We have a network of top-rated real estate professionals, and we'll match you with the expert who can best support your individual journey.

Whether you’re buying, selling, or managing your home as an asset, OJO is a lifelong solution that helps you to move forward when the time’s right — with support, knowledge, and confidence.

Our Offerings

Bringing homebuyers, owners, and sellers the support and guidance they need on their real estate journey.
Movoto by OJO is our residential search site, providing personalized recommendations and highlighting listings best suited to your needs and preferences, so you never miss a home that might be the right fit.
OJO meets you with tools and expert guidance for every step of your home journey — from personalized search with Movoto to tailored insights from our AI-powered advisor to managing homeownership with Digs.
Digs by OJO is our personal finance tool helping you uncover hidden savings, monitor equity, and plan for the future, whether you’re managing your home as an asset or identifying the right time to sell.

OJO envisions a world where everyone has what they need to own a home.


Homeownership isn’t within reach of everyone. OJO aims to close that gap so that all people — regardless of race, class, or gender — can experience the physical, financial, and emotional haven that home provides.


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