Grow your business with the OJO Select Network

The OJO Select Network introduces agents to more homebuyers and sellers, creating stronger, better-informed connections that last

Finding you the right homebuyers and sellers

OJO connects with consumers from a wide range of sources and does the legwork to understand where they are in their journey so that you’re prepared with the information you need to help guide them to close.

Understanding the details that matter most

Through highly-personalized interactions, OJO nurtures buyers and sellers while they’re browsing and learns what’s important to them.

Making meaningful introductions

OJO facilitates live transfers to homebuyers and sellers whenever they’re ready to speak to an OJO Select Network agent. This enables agents to connect with consumers at the right time with the right information.

Support all the way to close

The OJO Concierge team provides support to both you and your clients to ensure a positive experience for all parties along the way towards a successful closing.

How Are Agents & Teams Successful with the OJO Select Network?

OJO’s proprietary consumer-matching algorithm rewards top-performing agents with more introductions and opportunities to succeed. OJO prioritizes agents on three key factors:


Responsiveness is important throughout the program. Successful agents will be the first to respond to new introductions. They’ll maintain frequent communication with their clients, and they’ll keep OJO’s Concierge team updated on their client’s latest progress.


OJO values agents who effectively help their clients progress in their homebuying and selling journeys. Some will have immediate needs, others will require more nurturing. Successful agents will tailor their approach while treating all clients with a high level of professionalism and great service.

Consumer Satisfaction

OJO is committed to providing the very best consumer experience values agents who maintain a high level of consumer satisfaction throughout their journey. OJO and agents succeed only when consumers achieve their real estate goals.

Grow Your Business by Joining the OJO Select Network

If you're a top-producing agent or team, this program is for you. Sign up today and start:

  1. Receiving ready, willing, and able buyer and seller introductions
  2. Enjoying quality connections
  3. Being a part of an elite network of talented agents
There is no upfront cost to join the OJO Select Network; compensation occurs via a referral fee upon closing.

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Preferred Experience:

  • A minimum of 3 years of experience
  • A minimum of 25 transactions within the last 12 months

Join the OJO Select Network

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Debbie B.
Debbie B.
Toronto, ON
“I like that OJO reminds me to when to check on clients. It’s always so hard to remember! The mini CRM is also really user-friendly and less confusing than other tools I’ve used.”
Kirk H.
Kirk H.
Dallas, TX
“I’ve just got a new referral moving from Indiana, looking for a penthouse for $850k-1.5m. I love it!”
Robert S.
Robert S.
Houston, TX
“OJO has been really collaborative with agents. They seem to actually listen to our feedback and I keep seeing improvements. I’ll definitely keep using them until that stops!”
Sharon S.
Sharon S.
Atlanta, GA
“Signing up was really easy. I also love that I can choose what kinds of leads I want and they show up on my phone. I’m talking to new clients within a few minutes. It’s pretty neat.”