Broker Licenses

State Real Estate Broker Licenses

Unless indicated otherwise, all licenses held by OJO Home LLC.

United States
AlabamaAlabama Real Estate Commission Company License (000126252-0)
AlaskaAlaska Real Estate Broker License (121127)
ArizonaArizona Real Estate Limited Liability Brokers License (LC686429000)
ArkansasArkansas Real Estate Broker License (Resp. Broker License PB00086909)
CaliforniaCalifornia Corporate Real Estate Broker License (02098814). Known in California as OJO Home California, Inc.
ColoradoColorado Real Estate Company – Employing (EC.100083279)
ConnecticutConnecticut Real Estate Broker (REB.0792627), Known in Connecticut as OJO Home Connecticut LLC
District of ColumbiaDistrict of Columbia Real Estate Organization License (REO200200558)
FloridaFlorida Real Estate Corporation License (CQ1058741)
GeorgiaGeorgia Real Estate Commission Limited Liability Company License (77388)
HawaiiHawaii Real Estate Broker Entity (RB 23005)
IdahoIdaho Company Broker License (LC49582)
IllinoisIllinois Licensed Real Estate Limited Liability Firm (481.013126)
IndianaIndiana Real Estate Broker Company License (RC51900131)
IowaIowa Real Estate Firm License (F06084000)
KansasKansas Real Estate Company License (CO00002970)
KentuckyKentucky Real Estate Commission Registered Firm Branch (251528)
LouisianaLouisiana Broker Corporation License (BROK.0995702128-CORP)
MaineMaine Limited Liability Company License (AL90603285)
MassachusettsMassachusetts Real Estate Business License (423245)
MichiganMichigan Real Estate Broker License (6505422481)
MinnesotaMinnesota Real Estate Company License (40641277)
MississippiMississippi Real Estate Commission Broker License (N/A)
MissouriMissouri Real Estate Association License (2019024905)
MontanaMontana Broker License (RRE-BRO-LIC-38984)
NebraskaNebraska Employing Broker License (20150467)
NevadaNevada Real Estate Broker License (B.1000823.LLC)
New HampshireNew Hampshire Real Estate Firm License (074889)
New JerseyNew Jersey Real Estate Company License (1971123)
New MexicoNew Mexico Real Estate Commission Business License (09706)
New YorkNew York Principal Office License (10991230857)
New York State Standard Operating Procedure
North CarolinaNorth Carolina Firm License (C31205)
North DakotaNorth Dakota Corporate Real Estate License (3278)
OklahomaOklahoma Broker Association License 182005
OregonOregon Real Estate Agency Registered Business Name License (201232920)
PennsylvaniaPennsylvania Real Estate Commission Broker Standard License (RB069015)
South CarolinaSouth Carolina Real Estate Office License (23597)
South DakotaSouth Dakota Real Estate Firm License (15111)
TennesseeTennessee Real Estate Firm License (264473)
TexasOJO Home LLC: Texas Real Estate Commission Real Estate LLC License (9008342)
OJO Labs Inc.: Texas Real Estate Commission Corporate Broker License (9007689)
UtahUtah Real Estate Division Real Estate Company License (11445350-CN00)
VermontVermont Real Estate Brokerage Firm License (083.0650376-MAIN)
VirginiaVirginia Real Estate Board Real Estate Firm License (0226031047)
WashingtonWashington Real Estate Firm License (21174)
West VirginiaWest Virginia Real Estate Broker License (005348)
WisconsinWisconsin Real Estate Business Entity License (938451-91)
WyomingWyoming Real Estate Corporation, Partnership or Limited Liability Company License (232100)

OntarioCanada Real Estate Firm License (5012855), known in Canada as OJOHome Canada Ltd.