Guide homebuyers from discovery to close with Conversion Boost by OJO

OJO partners with your team to put more people in the right home for them by providing personalized guidance throughout their journey.

Did you know that 98% of internet inquiries get dropped? That’s a huge missed opportunity!

The homebuying journey is not linear, and working with new homebuyers at scale is challenging. Let OJO help meet your homebuyers' needs at every step of their journey so that they feel confident and prepared when it comes time for them to meet you.

Working with OJO ensures a scalable, high-touch experience that reflects well on your brand and helps to increase closings.

When OJO and agents work together, more homebuyers find the home that’s just right.

Homebuyers receive personalized guidance with timely insights and inspired recommendations straight to their mobile phones. As homebuyers progress through their journey with OJO, they become more prepared, and are introduced to your qualified agents at the right time.

Meeting homebuyers needs throughout their journey helps to put more people in the right home for them and has a direct impact on your brokerage’s bottom line.

Conversion Boost by OJO has been shown to increase closings and brokerage commissions by over 2x.*

*Based on initial brokerage results

Everyone wins, when the homebuyer wins.

How It Works

Lead Qualification

Lead Qualification

Our dedicated team of Customer Engagement Representatives call your prospective homebuyers directly to learn more about where they are in their journey so we can arm your agents with the right information at the right time.
Lead Nurturing

Lead Nurturing

By combining human expertise with machine learning, OJO expertly guides homebuyers throughout their journey with timely insights and personalized recommendations.
Real-time Transfers

Real-time Transfers

Once a homebuyer is prepared, a home concierge will initiate a live transfer to your best-qualified agents that are available to connect with the customer in real-time. Our representatives give your agents all the background information on the homebuyer in order to make the transition as warm as possible. This handoff helps ensure both consumers and agents alike receive the most seamless, hassle-free experience.
Ongoing Agent & Homebuyer Support

Ongoing Agent & Homebuyer Support

The OJO customer success team partners with each agent to provide support and ensure success on the platform. Additionally, a member of the OJO concierge team is dedicated to every homebuyer referred to an agent and helps to provide ongoing support all the way up to closing.
We have tried various lead tracking and nurturing methods through the years. Nurturing has always been a big challenge. Agents lose interest when the prospect is not ready now. With Conversion Boost by OJO, the core value is the fact that OJO actually does the lead nurturing that agents can’t. The source that OJO is currently nurturing had a 0% conversion rate before, and we have closed leads with OJO since then.”
—Gloria K. Frazier, Broker/President, ERA American Real Estate

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