Conversion Boost by OJO Frequently Asked Questions

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  • How can OJO benefit my brokerage?

    OJO helps prevent leaks in your sales funnel by scrubbing, calling, nurturing and facilitating a live transfer to the first-available agent once a buyer is ready to be connected. By combining the above with rich analytics, a nurture cycle, and a dedicated Account Manager, OJO has doubled conversion rates for many participating brokerages.
  • What differentiates OJO from other lead-nurturing platforms?

    OJO incorporates machine learning to create a personalized nurturing environment for homebuyers. OJO keeps buyers engaged with custom insights and tailored home recommendations based on a buyer’s preferences. By combining human intelligence with machine learning, OJO can help increase buyer preparedness and assess readiness to purchase.
  • What kind of uplift can our brokerage expect to see by participating in Conversion Boost by OJO?

    While success varies by brokerage and the level of agent engagement, conversion rates have doubled for some of our participating brokerages and we are seeing referral-to-close rates as high as 15%.*
    *Success varies by brokerage and the level of agent engagement.
  • What are all the supported lead sources?

    OJO will process lead inquiries from a variety of sources including but not limited to: your brokerage’s website, your brand’s website, and leads you have acquired from the major national search portals (e.g. Zillow,,, Trulia, etc.).
  • How many leads does my brokerage need to generate per month to be eligible to participate?

    To get the most value out of Conversion Boost by OJO, we require a minimum of 100 leads/month. Having an ample monthly lead volume allows us to supply your agents with the right amount of nurtured buyers to keep them engaged in the program.
  • How quickly is OJO able to route leads to my team when they are ready?

    We ingest your leads from your various sources (website,, etc.) in real time and will call leads in as quickly as 10 seconds. We do the legwork to get a customer on the phone and facilitate the live transfer to the first-available agent once a buyer is ready to be connected.
  • Is there a minimum/maximum number of agents that can participate?

    We will work together to make sure your brokerage has the right balance between the number of participating agents and nurtured lead flow for the best performance. On average, participating brokerages have 25 agents enrolled.
  • What level of experience must an agent have to be eligible for Conversion Boost by OJO?

    Your brokerage has complete control over which agents participate, however, our data has shown that agents with at least 25 closings per year tend to perform the best in this program.
  • Is there a setup fee?

    There is no setup fee to participate in the Conversion Boost by OJO program.
  • How long does the onboarding process take?

    We are committed to providing your brokerage and agents the most seamless onboarding experience with as little downtime as possible. Although the onboarding process can vary brokerage by brokerage, our average onboarding time is approximately two weeks with a minimal time commitment of a few hours on your end.
  • How will our brokerage have visibility into program performance?

    We provide brokerages with a reporting dashboard that allows you to track agents, lead sources, and performance metrics. A dedicated member from our OJO Customer Success team will work with your brokerage to set up and review reporting options to meet your business needs.
  • How will our assigned Account Manager support our brokerage?

    We will provide your brokerage with an Account Manager who will help onboard and educate your agents, monitor performance and host biweekly program reviews with your designated point of contact.
  • What additional training resources will our brokerage have access to?

    In addition to an Account Manager, your brokerage will be invited to weekly webinars that agents can join to learn best practices and have access to an evergreen knowledge base for FAQs.


  • What should I expect from the leads I will receive?

    You’ll receive Conversion Boost leads as a warm transfer to a potential homebuyer with a specific request, such as a showing for a particular listing or questions on a listing. While national averages for online leads convert at 1–2%, with Conversion Boost leads, our top agent partners are converting leads at 5–7%.
  • Do I pay for the leads I accept?

    There is no cost to join Conversion Boost by OJO or to receive leads and referrals. There is a referral fee paid on each lead that results in a close.
  • What do I have to do to receive or continue to receive leads?

    Responsive, high-converting agents with excellent customer reviews will receive the most opportunities to claim new leads.
  • How will I be notified when there is a lead in my area?

    First, you will receive a text message notifying you of a lead opportunity. Once you accept the lead you will then receive a live transfer phone call with the customer on the line.
  • What do I do if I determine I cannot help the prospect?

    You can communicate that through your individual agent/lead dashboard we provide so we can assist in transitioning the customer.